Download YouTube Videos Directly using “OK” word !

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Wanna Download YouTube Videos Directly From ?

Adding “OK” before “” in any “Youtube Video URL / Link” , makes it “Download Link” for that video. Simple.

NOTICE : Okyoutube is also offering YouTube video Download to ‘Mobile’, for mobile users.
And most of the users find it difficult to save video to their mobile or computer, in specific format
i.e.By renaming RAW FORMAT video file to specific extensions like MP4, 3GP or FLV.
Hence, we are offering downloads from OUR server, instead of Direct Download from Youtube servers.
So that both MOBILE and COMPUTER users can easily download videos WITHOUT manually renaming raw format video to their desired file extensions or file types.
This facility is not possible in case of Direct video download from youtube server.

Download Links Example :

Link To Watch :
[ ]

Link To Download (FLV) : www. OK
[ Jiu_RVueGBs ]

Link To Download (3GP) : www. 3.OK
[ Jiu_RVueGBs ]

Link To Download (MP4) : www. 4.OK
[ Jiu_RVueGBs ]

How It Works ?

  1. Whenever you are watching the video on YouTube, go to the address bar at the top of your browser. Notice the URL is something like this:
  2. Just before domain name, insert just two letters ‘OK‘.Eg.
  3. Press the ‘Enter’ key or ‘Go’ button of address bar and ‘Download Message Window’ will pop up. Click on the “Save” button to save the video to your computer,without leaving YouTube site. ( Default Format is “FLV” )You can download videos in 3GP video format by adding “3.OK”

    You can download videos in MP4 video format by adding “4.OK”

    OKYouTube - Download Video On The Spot.                           Just add two letters  - 'OK' !

This is the world’s only site offering fastest youtube video downloads,

The first choice of the Masters.

So, Download like an Expert, without leaving your YouTube video page.

Super easy and super fast way to download Youtube videos on the spot.

You may need FLV Player to play FLV format videos.


  • The First website in the world to offer the Fastestway to
  • Download Youtube Videos On The Spot.

  • Download while you are watching the video or even when
    you are not watching the video, No need to wait till video loads or till Video Cache / Buffer completes.
  • Download directly from without leaving the (YouTube) site.
  • You can use video’s link in your Websites / Emails / Forums
    Posts / Blogs to allow your users, to download videos directly.
    Example :
    If the Link to watch Youtube video =
    Then the Direct Download Link to that video will be =
    i.e. just type “OK” before in the video link.
    ( OKYouTube link is a Direct Link of the Video to Download )

  • Download RESTRICTED videos WITHOUT giving your User Name / Password.
    ( Restricted videos are the videos which requires YouTube / Gmail Login )
  • Multiple download Format supported i.e. MP4, 3GP, FLV. (No software needed)
  • Completely Legal and Completely Free
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